I'm Coco For YOU

Now you can get beautiful skin with premium organic products in glass jars only. We are all about good, clean fun here. No stressing about harmful ingredients and plastic compromised product necessary.

Organic plant based skincare created and hand crafted by Coco to give you skin as ageless, soft, and pure as a baby's bum (minus the dimples). As nature intended: No chemicals ever. No ingredients you can't pronounce. No synthetic preservatives. No plastic. Just good, clean, fun (except when you're getting dirty) in glass jars only.  We use premium organic ingredients for healthy skin for all babes: women, men, children, mommas, babies, and even your gramma and uncle (no seriously, my gramma and uncle love our stuff). And watch out ladies, your man might steal your body butter (also a true story from a real Coco wife). Our motto: skincare should be fun, nontoxic, and dirty. 

Let's Play.

Here's how it works: 1. Click link above to shop our collections. Our products are in 3 categories to meet all your skincare needs: rough, dirty, and soft 2. Order your favorite products. 3. Your package comes and it's time to do a happy dance, get naked, & start scrubbing & rubbing to reveal your soft, smooth, young skin that's been hiding and getting damaged by all the chemicals. (It's ok- you didn't know better, but now you do.) Go organic. Go Coco.

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Cocos Dirty Mouth Tooth Polish

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