Hello, It's Cocos!

Hello, I'm Coco, creator of Cocos Organics. Cocos Organics was created after I began searching for organic, non toxic skincare, and couldn't find anything that met my criteria: which was 100% organic, synthetic and chemical and questionable ingredients free (or in other words being able to read and understand all the ingredients on a label, am I right?!) and stored in nontoxic containers. Let's be honest, there are some great products out there with great ingredients, but they are usually stored in plastic, or vice versa- products with questionable ingredients stored in glass... My mission to find 100% organic, simple products with the best ingredients for healthy skin, stored in glass, seemed impossible. I wasn't comfortable settling for a great product stored in plastic, even BPA free plastic, because plastics leach, and even BPA free plastics can still be filled with many other hormone disrupting and cancer linked chemicals, which leach into the product, and then gets slathered and absorbed into your precious skin. So Coco Organics was born...and it meets “Cocoganics” criteria, a new standard for skincare: organic and pesticide/synthetic/chemical free, made with luxurious raw and extra virgin cold pressed ingredients, and stored in glass. We use only the best ingredients, and each product is hand made in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the vital nutrients in the unrefined and raw ingredients. Your precious skin deserves the best, purest, most nutrient packed ingredients so it can be its healthiest, youngest, radiant, clearest self! ❤️Coco